Investigating Why We Hunt

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February 4, 2020

With Author Aaron Futrell

I had the pleasure to connect with an active warrior currently deployed in Iraq for this episode. Aaron Futrell is a soldier, author, and lifelong hunter that when he is not deployed with the Army, lives in Ohio with his wife and kids.

This episode takes several turns as we discuss his upbringing and hunting with his grandpa. We dig into his book “Why We Hunt” and discuss his philosophy on the five motivations of all hunters. It’s an excellent perspective, each hunter prioritizes the different motivations to fit his/her personal goals with hunting.

We also discuss why hunters should understand the different motivations, and why it is important that as hunters, we respect other hunter’s motivations and hunting methods. In a critical time of anti-hunters, we talk about the importance of being united no matter our hunting differences.

This book is an excellent read. Pick it up on Amazon for $9.99, here is the link #ad:

Below is the episode, hope you enjoy!

Also, below are the actual show notes.

Episode 5 I’m joined by Aaron Futrell, author of the book “Why We Hunt.” 

We discuss the five motivations of hunters, why hunting is still relevant in todays world, dealing with anti-hunters, and what he’s working on next. It was especially an honor to speak with Aaron as he is currently deployed in Iraq with the U.S. Army. We work through the eleven hour time difference and get it done!

I highly recommend every hunter purchase this book. Click on the link below to get it on Amazon. #ad

Why We Hunt

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