School of September Series

Written By Jim Huntsman



September 11, 2021

That’s right, folks! One of the most popular hunting podcast series to hit the airwaves is all compiled into one spot! This series is dedicated to archery elk hunting in September, and is the most comprehensive elk hunting education recorded in a podcast format. Download today and learn from the worlds foremost elk hunting experts in an over two year timeframe of recording! Each link is it’s own episode, let the learning begin and good luck out there!

School of September with The Elk Nut, Paul Medel!

School of September with The Bugler, Dirk Durham!

School of September with Corey Jacobsen!

School of September with Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources!

School of September with Michael Batease of Elk Calling Academy!

School of September with Joe Giglia of Elk Bros!

School of September with Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls!

School of September with Zach Bowhay from Hunt-DIY!

School of September with Dan Staton with ElkShape!

School of September with Dirk Durham (Phelps Game Calls) and Trent Fisher (Born and Raised Outdoors)!

School of September with Joel Turner of Shot IQ!

School of September with Jacob Denham and Tyler Oaks of Clark Fork Outfitters!

Listen to all 12 episodes to become a School of September graduate, your ability to locate, call in, and install an arrow into a screaming bull elk will be substantially greater!


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