Dancing with Bears

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February 4, 2020

My first solo episode due to guest mishap

Perhaps it was meant to be, I don’t normally do solo episodes but my interview was cut short so here we are!

I thought it would be fun to share some hunting stories that offer a sort of lesson learned. Through four story segments, here’s the gist of it.

The first story takes us back to when I was a teenager; I put the cross hairs on a three point mule deer buck and hit a doe instead. The doe was inadvertently blocking my shot and because her head was down, and lined up perfectly with the buck, my bullet slammed her instead of my target.

Story two has some personal details about a sensitive surgery I had to undergo, ignored my order of bedrest, and wading into a nasty swamp to retrieve my first ever whitetail.

Then, the road rage segment. This happened on a mule deer hunt in Eastern Washington. You’ll need to listen to hear the insanity that unfolds. Rattlesnakes, road hunters, and a great stalk on a huge muley took place.

Lastly, I share an epic tale about the time I almost square danced with a large black bear. Wind, rain, and thick brush led me to a face to face encounter in which both the bear and I didn’t know how to react. Have you ever smelled the breath of an angry bear? Grab you a can of bear spray just in case, the photo provides a link for ease. (#ad)

Enjoy the episode here!

Official Show Notes:

This episode is your humble host, Jim Huntsman, telling stories from various hunting adventures across America. Born out of a mishap interview, Jim discusses the doe accident, the first whitetail hunt two weeks after a sensitive surgery, a road rage hunting incident, and the time he almost square danced with a black bear.

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