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My Promise To Our Subscribers

I will fight for you, the hunter. I am dedicated to creating engaging content either through the podcast or my writings. Together, we will form a strong, united front against those that seek to destroy our way of life all out of misguided emotions and an empty premise. My heart and soul is committed to this outdoors lifestyle, and is fulfilled from living it in an ethical, professional way. Whether through humorous banter or focused debate, the principles of this platform will not waver under the pressures sure to come.

About Us

The Western Huntsman is a platform born out of a feeling of necessity. Growing threats to hunting and public lands have sparked my concern for the future generations to come. I, Jim Huntsman, will not stand idly by and allow anti-hunting organizations and politicians pick apart our hunting lifestyle. The Western Huntsman is dedicated to providing entertainment, inspiration, and educational podcast episodes and articles in an effort to maintain a high level of enthusiasm from the hunting community.

The 5 Principles of The Western Huntsman

We Are A Free People

Regardless of ones belief, nobody is entitled to dictate the choices and lifestyle of another human being. As a hunter, I do not apologize for my primal way of life, nor do I owe an explanation. We will passionately and aggressively fight back against the anti-hunting movement with every fiber of our being.

Public Land Is Forever

The Western Huntsman believes that public land, as it has been established, is to remain the property of the American citizen and never sold or transferred to the state or any other entity. Pursuant, The Western Huntsman fully supports The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, as a hunter you should be very familiar with it. Go here to learn more from the RMEF.

To Hold In Trust

The Western Huntsman believes that the wildlife belongs to the people, to be managed and held in trust by state management agencies. Furthermore, we will fight against the privatization of wildlife and firmly state that; “We will never ask to hunt the king’s deer.” We believe that any law-abiding citizen that desires to, can go hunting. Hunting should be accessible, affordable, with tags easily obtained. We do not support the commercialization of wild game meat.

Respect to each outdoorsman

The Western Huntsman is pro-legal-hunting. Meaning, we enjoy and respect each hunters preferences. This is not a “purist” platform, and we welcome bowhunters, rifle hunters, muzzleloader hunters, traditional archery hunters, fly-fisherman, bait fisherman, trappers, houndsmen, bushcrafters, public land hunters, private land hunters, do-it-yourselfers, guided hunters, you get the point, right? In the end, we enjoy the hunt and full freezers and thats what matters to this organization.

Poachers Are Not Hunters

The Western Huntsman has a strong stance against poaching, unethical or unsportsmanlike conduct, or any form of illegal harvesting of wild game. Breaking the rules affect every sportsman, and we won’t tolerate it. Furthermore, we advocate for experienced hunters to properly mentor new hunters. Teach them sportsmanship, ethics, and responsible hunting.

Check Out The Podcast!
The Western Huntsman Podcast is a weekly show centered on western hunting, fishing, and conservation. If you’re passionate about the outdoors and want to protect our hunting lifestyle, this podcast provides the foundation to do your part. 

What People Say


I just found this podcast and I love it. Right up there with my other couple favorites. Jim is down to earth and has great content. I enjoy how he relates to my imperfect hunting. Keep it up Jim!


This show has a lot of good information and is local to North Idaho. I’ve never been one for podcasts but I’ve been enjoying this one.
-Kurt G.


I really like your podcast. The humor, education and passion of hunting portrayed from your guests and yourself is top notch! -Dave W.

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