5.0 Plus Package


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Grab the limited TACTACAM™ 5.0 PLUS PACKAGE which includes the 5.0, FTS, extra battery, under scope mount and custom barrel mount. The FTS allows you to film through your scope and with the 8x Zoom of the 5.0, your hunt is now closer than ever. New Image Stabilization Technology takes the “shock” out of the shot and lets you capture crystal clear footage in 4k. Now you can Share Your Hunt in more ways than ever with Facebook Live capabilities. The One-Touch, Automatic Record with vibration indication will have you filming your hunt quickly and easily. In addition to the Tactacam App Capabilities, the 5.0 also has an available remote that allows you to turn on and instantly start recording with up to 5 cameras at once with the push of a button. Using Tactacam 5.0’s customizable modes, easily adjust to the camera settings to your favorite presets. The Tactacam’s newly-rugged designed shell features an external battery indicator, quick-change mode button, and 360° microphone. Built with a shockproof, water-resistant construction the Tactacam will stand up to the rigors of your hunt.

  • Tactacam 5.0
  • Battery
  • USB cable with charging wall adapter
  • User manual
  • Tactacam decal
  • Flat Black Stabilizer
    • FTS
    • Under Scope Mount
    • Extra Battery
    • Custom Barrel Gun Mount


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